Canadian Power Supply - Services

Canadian Power Supply, LLC, is offering the diversification of Natural Gas (NG) supply with delivering Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) to global markets.

Canadian Power Supply, LLC, is applying the owners’ know-how and contacts in energy business, grown within Rock & Land Corporations in the field of electricity and natural gas trading in central Europe, to the global energy market. the group works in wholesale of electricity and natural gas, and also provides service to a large network of end users – both private and commercial. it is presently engaged in building gas reserves and a new pipeline to ensure reliable gas supply to european customers – particularly in light of the recent supply crisis.

Based on management success of the energy business in Europe, its excellent contacts with european suppliers of LNG, and widening contacts to suppliers outside of Europe, founders decided to expand their activities into LNG trading. Canadian Power Supply, LLC, recognizes the growing demand to increase the long term supplies of natural gas in varoius markets across the globe. our ultimate goal is to raise natural gas supply security through extending ou activities and achieving global penetration of the LNG market.